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Histological benefits of microdermabrasion have integrated fibroblast stimulation and new dermal collagen deposition. Initial benefits of microdermabrasion comprise epidermal thickening and renovation of the stratum corneum. After repeated use, benefits of microdermabrasion produce thickening of the papillary dermis with better deposition of collagen and elastin, and a raise in fibroblasts take place. In addition to further benefits of microdermabrasion, an inflammatory reaction involving microcirculatory alteration in the reticular dermis is manifested after microdermabrasion.

The effectiveness and the benefits of microdermabrasion stay a very much discussed subject among dermatologic surgeons. In spite of the growing application of microdermabrasion among dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and estheticians, a small number of properly designed and directed studies have been published on the subject of the efficiency, security and benefits of microdermabrasion. A large amount of studies have concerned reduced groups of patients. Irrespective of the restrictions and debates related to exploratory studies, there are significant apparent benefits of microdermabrasion among patients going through this procedure.

From the diversity of studies reported by several researchers, in patients with photodamage, there have been major benefits of microdermabrasion in roughness, spotty pigmentation, and general skin appearance. Furthermore, good to excellent improvement benefits of microdermabrasion have been detected in oily skin, enlarged pores, thin wrinkles, and thick skin. Other benefits of microdermabrasion have also been noticed, straight away after treatment, such as that skin temperature improved and sebum content diminished.

In general terms regarding benefits of microdermabrasion, it presents practically no side effects, with a high extent of patient fulfillment. Since it is a nonsurgical, secure, and effective procedure, there is no “downtime”, one of the most appreciated benefits of microdermabrasion. The patient notices instant recovery in tone, skin texture, and pigmentation, giving the skin an overall fresh, healthy-looking glow.

Within other benefits of microdermabrasion, because microdermabrasion is a nonsurgical procedure, anesthesia is not necessary, allowing those who undergo the process to take up again their normal, daily activities without delay, and requiring no time off work.

One of the further benefits of microdermabrasion is that it can be practiced on all types of skin as well as all skin colors. Moreover, it works splendidly on patients whose skin is sensitive to chemical procedures. In addition to these benefits of microdermabrasion, it has been established that individuals who have good skin tone and elasticity act better in response.